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A network of bright individuals from different cultures and backgrounds who spark great ideas and make sense of business challenges

Who Does It

We use our core team and wider network to bring together market leading people. This allows us to provide our core strategy and delivery solutions but expand to integrate services such as digital marketing or sales to provide comprehensive solutions.

Why Not was founded by David Hornby. His motivation was, and is, to work on the dynamic tourism, events and hospitality projects that inspired him during his 7 years as Commercial Director of Visit London.

Christian Nelson joined Why Not in 2010 having worked with David on numerous event and infrastructure projects in London. Christian brings 9 years of experience as an economist / management consultant, specialising in project management and developing the business case for sports, cultural and tourism projects.

Together Christian and David now sit at the core of a network of industry and technical experts who Why Not can call on to meet the specific needs of a project.